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working on a yyh/hp fic and would like some help

Okay what I have so far is that Koenma calls Yusuke Kurama Hiei and Kuwabara to deal with Voldmort as it came to Sprit World’s attention that he split his soul. That is a major no, no and means death for those that did so.
Yusuke can not go as he has been give his son to raise after Keiko died, this will come as a shock as she was not due to die and yet she has and her soul has been allowed to cross over.
Kuwabara can not go due to school, he is studying to be a doctor and he also tells them he feels that it might be better for Kurama and Hiei to go.
Kurama goes and steals the horcux while Hiei goes to kill Voldmort as it is the one time he will get to kill a human. Only he is to late and the Potter’s have already been attacked. James and Lily ask Hiei to care for their child and refuse to move on till he agrees. They also ask him to make sure Padfoot does not do anything stupid.
Now on to what I need help with Harry and Yusuke’s son (I have yet to pick a name out) will be best friend and get up to things together.
Like leading their Kindergarten class in revote over nap time and raiding the first grade classroom for their pudding snakes.
I would like ideas for what else they can and might get in to remember Padfoot and moony will be a part of their life too.
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