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Yu Yu Hakusho's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Yu Yu Hakusho

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Yu Yu Hakusho Fans!!! [04 Oct 2017|03:28am]

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Yu Yu Hakusho cosplay at Animecon 2015 [18 Jun 2015|12:25pm]

Hi, is anyone still here? (^o^)/
Last weekend I visited Animecon in The Hague, the Netherlands, and on Saturday afternoon I met up with a little group there to do some Yu Yu Hakusho cosplay and photoshooting.  I wore my Yukina cosplay again that day, and we also had a Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara.  Despite missing a Yuusuke (and so many other characters), we had lots of fun! So I thought I'd share some of the pictures.


 photo SAM_3842_zpstej9ua43.jpg

All the pictures can be seen in this post at my journal here:

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy it!
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Let's Revive the Yu Yu Hakusho Fandom! [19 Mar 2015|11:52pm]

Hey all!

I'm hoping to breathe some life back into the YYH fandom! I'm currently taking requests for fanfiction via my account at fanfiction.net Check it out here!


If you're a fanfic writer, or an artist who would like for someone to use their art, drop me a line! I'd love to work with anyone who wants to revive the YYH community!
Help is more than welcome!
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Fic Recs? [25 Jan 2015|11:09pm]

Well, I just finished rewatching this series, and damn. Now I want fic. Lots of fic. But, being an older fandom, I don't really know where to start. So I was hoping that maybe you guys could help me out. =D

I like Yuusuke/Keiko, Kuwabara/Yukina, Hiei/Mukuro, Kurama/Hiei, and Kurama/Kuwabara. Plus gen fic is always welcome! Long, short, old, or new, it's all good. I don't like non-con, though.

Any recs you could give would really be appreciated. Thanks, guys!
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Looking for a fic [05 Dec 2014|04:29am]

Does anyone have a complete copy of Mina Lightstar's fic "White Blindness" saved? I've looked all over, but I can't find it. I used archive.org to pull up her old site, but it's missing at least one page. =( I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to a working link, or send me a copy. Thanks!
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Hiei little big head for sale and YYH shirt for sale [12 Apr 2014|06:17pm]

I have two YYH things for sale
Hiei Little big Head $10

Shirt Men's size M $10 worn once
Shipping not included
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Kuwabara and Yukina cosplay [20 Mar 2013|10:08pm]

Hi, Is anyone still here?  A while ago I convinced a friend to watch Yu Yu Hakusho with me, and she really liked Kuwabara and Yukina, so she ended up cosplaying Kuwabara with me as Yukina. <3 This wasn't for a convention or anything, just something we did for fun, but I'd like to share some pictures. ^-^

 photo SAM_5144_zps1503dead.jpg

Click the cut for more pics of us taking a walk in the forest and dorking around at a playground. XD

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[03 Mar 2013|06:37pm]

78 jojo's bizarre adventure, 7 misc

Find the rest HERE @ narben!!
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Looking YYH/YGO fic [11 Oct 2012|01:02pm]

Haha, omg, this is such a long shot but I'm looking for a particular crossover fic between YGO and YYH. For the life of me, I can't remember the title and I can barely remember the plot. Just that it largely featured HieixYami Yugi and I think at one point, there was a BakuraxKurama scene? Hhm, I really cannot remember much from it, though at one point, I think Yukina had a crush on Yami, but Yami eventually turned her down?

Lol I'm so sorry for the trouble. I just suddenly remembered reading this fic and I tried looking for it in my archives but no luck, and now it's driving me crazy :p Thanks in advance!
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working on a yyh/hp fic and would like some help [03 Sep 2012|08:35pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Okay what I have so far is that Koenma calls Yusuke Kurama Hiei and Kuwabara to deal with Voldmort as it came to Sprit World’s attention that he split his soul. That is a major no, no and means death for those that did so.
Yusuke can not go as he has been give his son to raise after Keiko died, this will come as a shock as she was not due to die and yet she has and her soul has been allowed to cross over.
Kuwabara can not go due to school, he is studying to be a doctor and he also tells them he feels that it might be better for Kurama and Hiei to go.
Kurama goes and steals the horcux while Hiei goes to kill Voldmort as it is the one time he will get to kill a human. Only he is to late and the Potter’s have already been attacked. James and Lily ask Hiei to care for their child and refuse to move on till he agrees. They also ask him to make sure Padfoot does not do anything stupid.
Now on to what I need help with Harry and Yusuke’s son (I have yet to pick a name out) will be best friend and get up to things together.
Like leading their Kindergarten class in revote over nap time and raiding the first grade classroom for their pudding snakes.
I would like ideas for what else they can and might get in to remember Padfoot and moony will be a part of their life too.

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[fanfiction] Pretentious Professional Liars [16 May 2012|11:42pm]

Hello! This is my first time posting in this comm, feel free to yell at me if I'm doing anything wrong.

I'm here to contribute to the fandom by fanfic! I love concrit, and I'm looking for a beta, but please be nice since
I haven't written anything in years and my confidence is somewhat lacking. XD

Title: Pretentious Professional Liars
Characters: Full cast but focusing particularly on Kurama and Yuusuke (and Conan and Kaito later on)
Genre: Long fic, crossover (w/ Detective Conan)
Rating: A tentative T but may go to M in later chapters
Word count: 8504 for three chapters
Warnings: Posturing demons and faux political correctness. Lack of general tact. Both slash and het.
Summary: Curiosity can kill more than a mere cat. An exploration of waking sleeping giants, and the ones that thrive in moments of chaos.

I'll eventually post the story in my lj as well, but please follow the link to fanfic.net for the moment.
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[10 May 2012|04:02pm]


View them all here @ narben
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[FanFiction] 3:30AM [01 May 2012|09:50pm]

Title: 3:30AM
Author: periwinkle_eyes
Rating: K 
Genre: Romance/Friendship, One-shot
Summary: "I really miss you." Tears flowed down his cheeks as he heard his ex-lover say those words.
Disclaimer: I do not own YuYu Hakusho. No profit either.
Link to FFN: [ FanFiction.net ]

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Erm...intro? [27 Apr 2012|03:34pm]
Hi everyone! I'm really new to Livejournal, anime, and fandoms in general, really, but I'm totally in love with Yu Yu Hakusho. There's just...so much fighting...it's pretty glorious. I recall when a certain character died and a certain other character mourned/meditated on it, I recall thinking it was a very well-executed mourning episode, that didn't come across as angsty or overwrought. But I was still thinking, "What the hell is this?! Stop developing your characters and beat each other up!" 
I'm also struck with surprise at the amount of slashing this show has, and all the supposed homoerotic tension I missed until people pointed it out. Jeez, I thought Kurama's whip was just a weapon, but apparently it's something completely different... Debauchery! (?)
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The Beginning [25 Mar 2012|02:27am]

Hey all. I'm new to this comm., but not to the fandom. I'm not sure if this is okay, so if not, I'll take it down; just let me know!
So, I'm rewatching the series, and I was overcome with the urge to reread The Beginning. Sadly, however, I can't find the link -- I thought I'd saved it, but no dice, it seems. I can't imagine why not.
In any case, this fic is between the time when Yusuke fights Kurama and Hiei, and the beginning of the Four Saint Beasts arc. It's a K/H slash fic, and basically the two of them are getting to know each other on a journey the Koenma sends them on. This is a multichapter fic, and the author inserted drawings into it. At one point, they separate, but Hiei comes back. Also, for no particular reason, Hiei is part dragon, I'm pretty sure.
If anyone could send me a link, I'd be eternally grateful.
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[24 Mar 2012|11:39am]

13 YYH
{o8} MISC

Find the rest HERE at narben!
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[selling] 4 Yusuke/Botan doujinshi [04 Mar 2012|06:33am]

Hello! Liquidating a large portion of my collection and have several Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi for sale. Pairing is Yusuke/Botan.

Please check out my sales post for more information. Thank you!

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Yukina fanart [27 Dec 2011|05:13pm]

Hey everyone, I'm a long time fan of Yu Yu Hakusho, but a first time poster here. I decided to join the community because I've been re-reading the YYH manga lately, and I will also be doing some YYH cosplay at an upcoming anime convention in February. Nice to meet you!

I received a blank calendar as a present recently, and I decided to make it into an anime calendar.
For January I drew Yukina. ^^


Sorry for the poor quality, I don't have a scanner so I had to take a photo of it. ^^;

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