willeke4439 (willeke4439) wrote in yuyuhakusho,

Kuwabara and Yukina cosplay

Hi, Is anyone still here?  A while ago I convinced a friend to watch Yu Yu Hakusho with me, and she really liked Kuwabara and Yukina, so she ended up cosplaying Kuwabara with me as Yukina. <3 This wasn't for a convention or anything, just something we did for fun, but I'd like to share some pictures. ^-^

 photo SAM_5144_zps1503dead.jpg

Click the cut for more pics of us taking a walk in the forest and dorking around at a playground. XD

 photo SAM_5147_zps91cc1bab.jpg

 photo SAM_5150_zps765adea5.jpg

 photo SAM_5176_zpse5665b11.jpg

 photo SAM_5189_zpsf69a6a50.jpg

 photo SAM_5239_zps7add0a59.jpg

 photo SAM_5219_zps7819bf2c.jpg

 photo untitled-3_zps8c78338e.jpg

 photo SAM_5260_zps0201323c.jpg

 photo SAM_5253_zps39a40f3a.jpg

 photo SAM_5328_zps3d5ee99b.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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